Stephen Ministry

Westminster is a Stephen Ministry congregation. This means have a team of members trained to offer confidential support for those grieving, experiencing a health concern, a divorce, or any type of loss or crisis. You do not need to be a member to receive this support.  If you are in need of support, please fill out the congregational care connect form.

Interested in becoming a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers make an initial two year commitment to training and service. After that, they may renew their commitment a year at a time. Current Stephen Ministers feel they are able to grow in faith through this practice of Christian community. If you feel called to be a part of this mission of care, please fill out the congregational care connect form.

Congregational Care Ministries

There are many ways we care for one another at Westminster. If you are interested in serving or are in need of care, please fill out the connect form and indicate your need or desire to serve. We will put you in touch with the individual ministry leader. 

Bereavement Care Team
This team of volunteers provides a reception after funeral services or a meal for the grieving family in their home.

 Caregivers Support Group 
This support group meets twice monthly to provide support, sharing, and caring for people in a care-giving role.

Cancer Care Ministry
Volunteers provide support to those who are experiencing a diagnosis or treatment for cancer. This includes support groups that meet monthly.

Company of Intercessors
This team of volunteers commits to praying weekly for congregational concerns. 

Culinary Care Ministry
Volunteers prepare meals for members experiencing difficulty and church gatherings. 

Healing Prayer Shawl Ministry
Volunteers meet weekly to knit shawls for those in need of comfort and blessing.

Health Ministry
Trained volunteers offer monthly blood pressure clinics and organize Red Cross Blood Drives.

Home Bound Communion
Volunteers accompany a pastor to provide communion to members physically unable to come to worship.

Men's and Women's Visitation Groups
Volunteers visit those who are unable to leave home to be a part of worship or fellowship.

Note Writing Ministry
Volunteers write individual notes of encouragement to those experiencing illness, grief, or hardship.