Nationally, we send work teams to repair homes in Appalachia and to assist in disaster relief efforts wherever needed. Internationally, our global mission work stretches from Mexico to Nicaragua, from Haiti to Kenya, and we send mission teams regularly to serve with our partners in those countries. We go with open hearts and willing hands, not to save but to serve.

Mission trips can be a life-changing experience. In an effort to make sure anyone can serve, Westminster’s generous support of our annual Mission Celebration and Auction, allows us to heavily subsidize trip costs.

International Mission Trips

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Westminster sends two teams each year with our partners HOI and Communidad Connect. Both organizations have long track records of working to improve the lives of people in Central America through economic and community development, and health and education programs. Our volunteers work with families in the community, building ovens, stoves, and improving existing structures to improve living conditions and overall health.

Haiti Ministry

In the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, we partner with Family Health Ministries, a Durham-based organization that supports Haitian communities in their efforts to build and sustain healthy families.  

Kenya Mission Trip

Founded in 2006, Westminster’s Kenya ministry has developed into a rich tapestry of relationships and partnerships. Teams spend time in schools, churches, orphanages and a hospital – all organizations that Westminster supports in various ways. 

Yucatan, Mexico Mission Trip

In Mexico, Westminster is partnering with Accion Ministries , which serves the Mayan people who live in small villages in the central Yucatan. Our volunteers build homes, schools, and churches while living in hosts’ homes and participating in village life. 

National Mission Trips

Appalachain Service Project

Westminster sends teams twice a year to work in the area in and around Jonesville, Va., repairing family homes to make them warmer, safer and drier. 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is a national PCUSA organization meeting the needs of catastrophic events all over the world.  Westminster sends volunteer work teams when immediate needs arise. 

Amani Beads

Made from the clay of Mt Kenya, Amani beads have been shaped, painted and fired by Kenyan women in a fair-trade business. Imperfect beads are donated to Amani Children’s Foundation and then to Westminster, whose members shape them into beautiful, one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry and art. It is a labor of love, and the proceeds go back to care for orphaned babies at New Life Homes in Kenya. Through this ministry, Westminster covers more than a third of the annual cost of operating the New Life Homes orphanage in Nyeri.

Beading workshops are offered Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.  

Amani jewelry and crafts are sold at the church’s annual Alternative Giving Sale and year-round at the Redington House adjacent to the church.




A Volunteer Story from our Nicaragua Trip in 2017

"I had so much fun, more than I even thought possible. I feel like I really connected with the families and kids there even with the language barrier. I absolutely loved VBS with the kids, especially playing soccer with some of the boys. You probably already heard the story but when I would play with them I usually got very muddy from running/splashing through the mud. One of the younger boys started calling me chocolate (but in a Spanish accent of course). Then the nickname caught on and all of them quickly began to call me chocolate as well. The last day of work we were walking back to wait on the bus and some kids were just getting out of school. Quite a few of them remembered me and would giggle and wave at me, some even gave me a hug or a high five. It made me so happy to be remembered by them and for them to have had enough fun with me so that they would remember me. At that point I wanted nothing more than to play with them everyday and to be able to have a conversation with them without someone having to interpret for us. 

The night that we first arrived at the farm I was kind-of thinking "what did I get myself into" but I wouldn't have wanted to stay anywhere else. I loved waking up to such a breathtaking view and being able to sit and drink coffee and connect with other people on our team. 

I would be lying if I said that this trip didn't change me (for better!). I loved working alongside people in the Los Robles community. They made me realize how lucky I am to live the life that I live. We take so much for granted and are never satisfied. The kids/families that I had the privilege of working with and/or playing with were so inspiring. It seemed to me that they made the best of every situation and didn't take anything for granted. Every home that I worked on the neighbors were more than happy to help and no one ever complained. Seeing how happy the families were and how much they appreciated it just made my day. It's truly amazing how good helping others can make you feel. I know that it made me never want to leave. 

It's bitter sweet to be back home. I really missed my shower and my bed, but I would gladly give them up again so that I could go back. I would love to go every year if I could but I would never want to take such an amazing experience from someone else. This trip was truly incredible and we've only been back for a couple of days but I already miss being there so much. If someone handed me a ticket back to Nicaragua I wouldn't hesitate for a second before taking it. I can't express how grateful I am for having this opportunity."

-- Sydney Deaton

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