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I have a friend who was called as a pastor to a new church. He announced that his goal was for them to be the most generous church in Tennessee. And by lots of measures, I think they have met and exceeded that goal. Westminster's focus this year is “All In: Worship, Practice, Community.” In November, we’ll be thinking and praying about the practice of generosity, a central part of practicing our faith. What might it mean for us to be the most generous church in Greensboro, or even in North Carolina? What might it mean to be “all in” with our practice of generosity?

I think our practice of generosity starts by recognizing God’s generosity to us. The apostle Paul writes to the Christians in Rome, “If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not withhold his own Son, but gave him up for all of us, will he not with him also give us everything else?” (Romans 8:31-32) God’s all in for us, and so we want to be all in for God. I hope you’ll spend some time thinking this month about ways you have experienced God’s generosity towards you.

Bishop Robert Schnase writes, “Generosity is an aspect of character. Generosity extends beyond merely the use of money, although it definitely includes that. There are generous spirits; generous souls; people who are generous with their time, with their teaching, with their love.” Your generosity is what makes it possible for us as a church to be generous. During this Stewardship season, beginning November 4 and ending on November 18, consider how you might individually deepen your faith practice through generous acts. How might you commit to the work of a generous church? How might you be all in—whether that's with your time, your talents, or your gifts.

I hope you are planning to join us for one of our home gatherings this month as we enjoy a time of fellowship, and I'll share about where God is leading us in worship, practice and community and how your gifts and involvement make it possible for us to touch so many lives.



Tuesday, October 30

5:30pm | Craig and Martha Siler *
7:30pm | Gary and Sheri Cram

Thursday, November 1

7:30pm | John and Jennifer Cross

Sunday, November 4

7:30pm | Don and Sally Royster

Tuesday, November 6

7:30pm | Bob and Anne Hendrix

Thursday, November 8

7:30pm | Jim and Pamela Wilkie

Sunday, November 11

4pm | Doug and Elizabeth Bengtson
7:30pm | Harold and Meredith Muse

Tuesday, November 13

5:30pm | Tim and Nancy Deaton *
7:30pm | Brad and Dana Resler

Wednesday, November 14

7:30pm | Mark and Cindy White

* Childcare will be provided at the Friendly Avenue campus in Room 107 beginning at 5:15pm.