Missions Celebration was a Success

Thanks to everyone who supported this year’s Missions Celebration and contributed through the Wall of Envelopes! We raised an amazing $55,000, which will allow more than 130 adults and youth to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in Nicaragua, Mexico, Appalachia and New York City this year.  If you missed the evening, you won’t want to miss this new video, which beautifully captures the deep impact Westminster mission trips have on those serving, and being served.  


The Progressive Dinner Saturday June 3

What is it? 

A great night out on the town...A great opportunity to bring our church into our homes...a heartwarming evening of hospitality and fellowship..an evening for getting to meet and to know one another...a lot of good times, good food, and great sharing.  This progressive dinner finds a whole "host" of us - members and guests - on the move throughout the greater Greensboro area "breaking Bread," and enjoying on another's company cassually in a variety of homes.  At each stop along the way you'll be dining with a different set of new friends and old acquantainces as you relax and enjoy generous hospitality and delicious food offerings of many of your fellow members.

How does it work?

Thursday - the week of the dinner all who signed up will be emailed their itineraries for the evening.  Each participant will be making three stops during the evening for various portions of their dinner at the homes of fellow members.  All participants will be contributing to the enjoyment of the evening in some way.  Opportunities include hosting a portion of the evening at their homes, providing food to share at a stop along the way, or helping the host handle details.  The host will be given in advance the names of those coming to their home and will initiate the coordination of food offerins shared by their guests.

What is the time frame?

At 5:30 everyone will arrive at their first assigned home for APPETIZERS.

Two homes with standing room space for around 20 people will be needed for hosting these larger gatherings for appetizers.

At 6:45 everybody leaves for SALADS and the MAIN COURSE.

Several homes, depending on how many guests can be comfortably accommodated around dinner tables, will share the hosting duties for the salad and main course.

At 8:30 everybody leaves for the last course DESSERT.

The last stop along the journey - with an assortment of sweets for the guests - some perhaps for the health conscious while others sinfully sweet!  We'll need 2 to 3 homes to host this sweet ending.

Sign up now.