By Nicaragua Mission Team | July 21, 2017 - 8:24am

Our work week has gone by in a flash! Today marked our final day of work projects in Los Robles. Imagine for a moment some of the everyday things that make our lives easier...having flooring made of carpet, tile, or wood vs. dirt or cement; washing your clothes with a washer and dryer vs. by hand and drying on a clothesline; cooking a meal with an electric or gas stove or oven vs. a wood burning stove or oven if you're fortunate enough to have either; sleeping in a bug-free home vs. sleeping under mosquito netting. These are just a few of the stark differences between how we live and the Nicaraguans in rural areas live. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America second to Haiti. Try to imagine surviving off $1-$2 per day. To many it's simply unimaginable.

 For our final day we split into four groups. Three groups worked on pouring concrete floors in homes and one group constructed an outdoor oven.  Over the course of our four days we installed one stove, two ovens, painted two homes with mosquito-repellent paint, and poured several concrete floors. Some of us were more experienced than others but we all chipped in and no one was hurt!

 Just as important as the physical work was connecting with the homeowners and others in the community. We led two VBS groups, hosted a women's bible study, and conducted home prayer visits. We closed our last day with a fiesta for the kids and families. No sooner than we arrived it started pouring down rain -- a regular afternoon  occurrence. So much for outdoor play! We got creative and read a story about angels (our theme for the week), played Simon Says, an animal game, hokey pokey, and taught them "Praise Ye the Lord, Alleluia."

 Once Butch and the gang joined us from a home visit it was piñata time! To say the kids were excited was an understatement. We had a big piñata that was the character of Jessie from Toy Story. Kids were blindfolded, spun around, and let loose to have at it. Kevin, one of our interpreters, was the master at raising the piñata up and down to keep it from being too easy to hit. Lots of giggles were heard all around. Finally, one of the older boys took a big whack at it and it was candy time for everyone. We also passed out candy to make sure every child received a treat.

 Friday we'll have our final breakfast at the farm and then head to Masaya for local shopping and a volcano tour. Afterwards we'll head to Granada for our final evening.

 I think I can speak for the entire team in saying we appreciate your prayers and feel Westminster's presence among us. We are so grateful to be able to have these unique experiences. Your support enables us to make life-changing impacts for many families in Los Robles. Gracias!

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