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Meet Our Session Members

Congregation members elect individuals to serve as Elders on a governing board called Session. Our current Session members and the ministries they represent are listed below. Please contact them to share your ideas, questions and concerns.

Administration & Finance: Tim Deaton - tim.deaton@westpreschurch.org

                                      Neale Johnson - neale.johnson@westpreschurch.org

Adult Ministries: Terri Burleson - terri.burleson@westpreschurch.org

                        Mike Carratello - mike.carratello@westpreschurch.org

                        Gary Shelton - gary.shelton@westpreschurch.org

Buildings & Grounds: Randy Fuqua randy.fuqua@westpreschurch.org 

                              Seth Coker - seth.coker@westpreschurch.org

Children’s Ministries:  Martha Miller - martha.miller@westpreschurch.org

                               Adrienne Gramberg - adrienne.gramberg@westpreschurch.org

                               Sharon Westfall - sharon.westfall@westpreschurch.org

Congregational Care: Mary Dimmick - mary.dimmick@westpreschurch.org

                               Mary Hibbard - mary.hibbard@westpreschurch.org

Congregational Connections:  Altina Layman - altina.layman@westpreschurch.org

                                          Kris Schoolfield - kris.schoolfield@westpreschurch.org

Fellowship: Jan Parker – jan.parker@westpreschurch.org

                 Phillip Motley - phillip.motley@westpreschurch.org

Human Resources:  John Morgan - john.morgan@westpreschurch.org

                            Bobby Payne - bobby.payne@westpreschurch.org

Outreach: Dottie Henderson - dottie.henderson@westpreschurch.org

               Lenwood Collins - lenwood.collins@westpreschurch.org

               Dallas George - dallas.george@westpreschurch.org

Worship: Alain Tourret - alain.tourret@westpreschurch.org

              Wendy Jones - wendy.jones@westpreschurch.org

              Sandra Sprinkle - sandra.sprinkle@westpreschurch.org

Youth Ministries:  Denise Booe - denise.booe@westpreschurch.org

                         Laura Hochstein - laura.hochstein@westpreschurch.org

                         Neil Shoffner - neil.shoffner@westpreschurch.org